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You better like bread
Posted 4/4/2015 7:03:10 PM by Colin Szajner
I bought a box of these from a local grocer.
I was able to enjoy a few "taquitos" that had no filling whatsoever. Mmmm. Tortilla bread.

Posted 3/20/2015 10:33:27 PM by Deon
I recently purchased a box of Delimex chicken and cheese taquitos and I've been highly dissatisfied with them. There is barely any filling in the tortillas and today, when I made one of them, there wasn't any filling in it, it was only the tortilla. I wouldn't be surprised if there were any more taquitos that didn't contain any chicken and/or cheese in the the box. I will never again make a purchase with Delimex.

I <3 these!!!
Posted 9/30/2014 6:12:04 PM by Jacqualyn Tin
I found these at Kroger. I was craving something like southwestern eggrolls from Chili's – but the ones for the restaurant are way too expensive. I thankfully ran across these and – though they do not taste exactly like southwestern eggrolls – they satisfy the craving and are easy on the budget. I think they are delicious and have them often! Wishbone guacamole ranch is also the perfect complement to it.

what happened
Posted 7/16/2014 12:14:13 PM by Jane Schrand
The only place i can find them is at walmart. I love the soft shell taquitos in the yellow box. Chicken and cheese. I would. Think i found them because it looks like it on the box and i would open the box and it would be the hard shell. Its gross

Taste good but quality is lacking
Posted 5/23/2014 4:24:32 PM by Taylor
I love the taste of the product but hate the fact that half of the taquito is filled with chicken and cheese.