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Posted 4/18/2015 3:01:04 AM by Alessandro
Good taquitos 3 of them had no meat in it

Posted 4/18/2015 3:00:45 AM by Alessandro
Good taquitos 3 of them had no meat in it

Good flavor
Posted 11/7/2014 8:54:31 PM by John
These taquitos are very convenient and priced right for when you need a quick snack. The beef filling has good beef flavor and the ingredients list is one of the "purer" that I've seen. I think the filling has a very pasty texture though, which I think could be improved. I definitely need some kind of sauce/salsa to go with them because they are a little bland by themselves, but overall I like them.

Best Taquito... Worst Enclosure
Posted 7/15/2014 6:30:20 PM by Douglas Knapp
These beef taquitos are simply the best my wife and I have tasted. Costco and Sam's makes the bigger packages very affordable. However, the horribly difficult plastic freezer bag is the only reason it lacks 5-stars. Most frozen products now come in a very nice resealable bag, but this packaging utilizes very thin plastic and after two or more uses, keeps stretching around the ziplock portion until it rips. We have saved a ziplock frozen corn bag that we fill with these taquitos and reuse. However, that process shouldn't have to be done at all.

Posted 5/29/2014 7:46:57 AM by Ashley Sallman
I eat the beef taquitos pretty often. I always prepare them in the oven and it only takes about 10 minutes.

Love them!
Posted 4/30/2014 2:10:51 PM by Matthew
I absolutely love these! I enjoy Beef Taquitos whenever I can. Especially, with some fresh salsa to dip them in.